Sailing on the Sea of Galilee

Ancient Monastery

Cooking up traditional treats in the covered market.

The first Women's Witness Trip was in 2012, and was undertaken by a group of women interested in learning more about the every day life of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim women living in what we call the Holy Land.  The travelers on the first journey went believing that, while women's voices tend not to be heard within the greater culture (whatever that culture), the stories they have to tell are powerful and important and deserve to be listened to and shared.  This belief was affirmed and has become a cornerstone of our trips.

Women's Witness Trips are neither pilgrimages in the traditional sense, nor purely tourism.  While the leaders are women of faith, they have no expectation that other participants will share their beliefs.  While many of the holy places revered by members of the three main Abrahamic religions are visited, at least as much time is spent in the company of women who strive, through their education, advocacy, and living, to bring peace and justice to their piece of the planet.  The hope of the leaders is that these trips will be transformative in some way for every participant - that the women who come with us will witness the lives and listen to the stories of the women we meet, and will return home to bear witness of what they have seen and heard to their own communities. 

Women's Witness Trips, as the name implies, are not open to our brothers, beloved as they are.  The primary reason for this is that it affords us access to people and places which would  be "off limits" to a mixed group .