Suzan Sahori is the Executive Director of Bethlehem Fair Trade. 
The World Fair Trade Organization says of her: "BFTA Executive Director Suzan Sahori promotes Fair Trade in Palestine.  She works with artisans in Bethlehem to develop their businesses, increase their market access and insure fair prices.  Suzan herself succinctly described the work and aspirations of her organization and the people it serves: “We come from the country of three holy religions, if our country were to be presented as a brand, it should say: Peace. It is ironic how a country which holds peace so dear to the heart can get lost the way it is now. The only meaning the word peace left is the hope that it might come one day, because it seems that the peace initiatives have packed up its suitcase leaving us with no peace and diminishing hope. Without hope, humanity would be extinct. There are good people out there who want and are trying to make a difference, from both sides of the separation wall. The Fair Trade handicraft sector seems like a good exit strategy from the desperate political situation we are in and it will certainly lead to a bright future at the end of this dark tunnel. People from both Palestine and Israel are pursuing spreading the peace message through beautiful and meaningful Fair Trade handicraft products.”