Young Girl in Aida Refugee Camp

Ann has been in love with the Holy Places all her life and formed a bond of friendship with peacemakers living in Israel/Palestine when she served as an Episcopal Priest and Development Officer at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA. She has visited many times, and has collaboratively led each Women's Witness Trip. Now she is almost retired, enjoying the company of friends, cats, and other political activists in her home state of North Carolina. 
Martha is the most recent addition to our board. A graduate of Episcopal Divinity School, she currently serves as Priest-in-Charge of a small parish in the Diocese of Chicago. She has a long history of working to support peace and justice initiatives, with a particular interest in economic justice. She has taken on the responsibility of designing our gift boxes and ordering their contents.

Young Bedouin Boy

Susan has a hand in many activities including interfaith refugee support work, advocacy for Hope Flowers School, hospice chaplaincy and roving preacher in Episcopal and Lutheran churches in New Hampshire and Vermont. She missed one Women's Witness Trip due to a broken ankle and looks forward to the next one. Her study is full of bibles and Sister Farm Market gift box supplies.
Barbara recently retired from a career in banking in the mountains of North Carolina and now enjoys more time with her busy family. She serves as Treasurer of Sister Farm Market.  Barbara joined the first Women's Witness Trip and is a founding member of Sister Farm Market.  She loves to sing God's praises.
Anne lives on a family farm managed by her daughter, outside Nashville, Tennessee. She oversees the chickens, teaches ESL and sings in her church choir. Anne has participated in each Women's Witness Trip, and has a passion for supporting small farmers and artisans.